Heartstart Thatcham brings the Heartstart and Call Push Rescue schemes, both of which are British Heart Foundation initiatives, to West Berkshire. The schemes teach people what to do in a life-threatening emergency – simple skills that save lives. Heartstart Thatcham operates independently of, but affiliated to, the British Heart Foundation and provides free Emergency Life Support training in the community. You can find out more details on the courses page.

Heartstart Thatcham is operated entirely by volunteers and thus we rely on the kind generosity of individuals and organisations to support us.  If you would like to support us, financially, or in another way such fundraising or donating items, please use our contact page to send us an email.

We have six committee members running the scheme, with a great deal of help from many other volunteers who help with publicity, venues and training.  The three main Heartstart roles are:

  • Scheme Director
    • A Scheme Director who must have a medical or healthcare professional background and can advise on issues relating to resuscitation training and practice.
  • Training Supervisor
    • suitably qualified and experienced to train and assess instructors.
    • The Training Supervisor is responsible for:
      • training and assessing your scheme’s instructors
      • acting as advisor on ELS training
      • overseeing the quality of ELS training
      • keeping the scheme up-to-date on Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines.
  • Scheme Coordinator
    • who is responsible for:
      • organising and publicising the Heartstart course
      • keeping records of instructor assessments provided by your Training Supervisor
      • keeping records of course deliveries on Class record forms provided by instructors
      • ensuring that you have enough equipment to support your course delivery
      • keeping in contact with the British Heart Foundation.

The roles are filled by David Hamer from South Central Ambulance Service as Scheme Director, Naomi Mildenhall as Training Supervisor and Nick Young as Scheme Coordinator.

We may be called Heartstart Thatcham, but we cover Newbury, Thatcham, Greenham, Crookham, Donnington, Lambourn, Holybrook, Calcot, infact looking back we should have called ourselves Heartstart West Berkshire. Everyone is welcome to attend a course.