Naomi Mildenhall (Instructor & Training Supervisor)

Naomi MildenhallNaomi Mildenhall, who works for Thatcham Town Council, was previously the senior neighbourhood warden in Thatcham and prior to that was a Neighbourhood Warden in Newbury. She has trained to be a Community First Responder (CFR) and is a qualified NVQ Assessor. The Thatcham Neighbourhood Warden scheme is jointly funded by Thatcham Town Council, West Berkshire Council, and Sovereign Housing Association. Find out more about the wardens on our wardens page.

Mick Dolan

Naomi MildenhallMick is an enthusiastic person who works in various capacities in the area including as a volunteer for the local police training college.

Kim Young (Instructor & Treasurer)

Naomi MildenhallKim brings her financial skills from industry with her to the team keeping track of every penny for us.

Margaret Young (Instructor & Secretary)

Naomi MildenhallMargaret has a teaching background in Further and Higher Education. She has taught a range of topics and qualifications. As a volunteer she has led many fundraising campaigns in the area for various causes and continues this work with Heartstart Thatcham. Margaret is also our head fund raiser!

Nick Young (Scheme Coordinator, Child Protection Officer, Deputy Training Supervisor & Instructor)

Dr Nick YoungDr Nick Young (not MD) is a qualified and experienced teacher and has been involved with the community of Thatcham since 1999 when he became involved with Thatcham Historical Society. Since then he has taken on other activities and has served as Vice-Chair of Thatcham Vision, Chair of Thatcham Historical Society, a volunteer photographer working with Thatcham Town Council and in 2009 established the Peter Allen Memorial Lectures (PAML) which raised funds for the British Heart Foundation in memory of the late Peter Allen (local historian and teacher).

This scheme was established by Nick who has brought all the necessary people together to run the scheme.  Nick is not only the Scheme Co-ordinator but also the Child Protection Officer and an instructor.  Find out more about Nick from his blog.