Our Defibrillators

Welcome to the Heartstart Thatcham Defibrillator / AED page. You can find out what an AED is by reading our article "What is all this about AEDs?".

We started a scheme to place AEDs in and around Thatcham and Newbury; now we have expanded and placed them as far afield as Calcot, Basingstoke and East Woodhay. In most cases these are located on the exterior wall of a building in a coded cabinet. In a medical emergency you ring 999, if the casualty is in cardiac arrest then if you are near an AED the operator will give you the code to the cabinet so that you can access and use the AED. All of us that do this are volunteers, we raise funds to be able to purchase the devices and train people on how to use them. We do this for one reason, to save lives.

Installed AEDs

Most of our systems are available 24/7 and all are registered with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) who also have a map of all AEDs on their Start a Heart web page, please note it may take a while for them to show on the map but they are all on their system.

Below is a map of the Public Access Defibrillators that Heartstart Thatcham have been involved with. Note we have helped to supply and install more than shown. All devices are registered with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) who are able to deploy them when needed. Staff at each venue also have access to the devices and many are trained how to use it too. SCAS also have a website where you can find more locations of many more defibrillators - see Start a heart.

- Device supplied by Heartstart Thatcham AND maintained by us.
- Device supplied by Heartstart Thatcham but NOT maintained by us (i.e. handed over to venue or other group).

NOTE: we do NOT offer a maintenance service. The only devices we maintain are our own units. Maintenance is easy and straightforward though and if we supply a unit we will walk through that process with you.

Remember: the first thing to do in any medical emergency is to call 999.