The Heartstart and Call Push Rescue courses

Heartstart Thatcham is affiliated to, but independent of, the British Heart Foundation. The scheme, which was founded in May 2013, provide two courses, Heartstart and Call Push Rescue. Below is an overview of the two courses, both of which are FREE.

Heartstart - Emergency Life Support

This is our main focus and involves training on Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills. Training is free, we do ask for donations to cover our running costs, and can be attended by anyone over the age of ten. We are supported by medical professionals from South Central Ambulance Service. Training sessions typically take place once a month and it is essential to book a place. Topics covered include:

  • Priorities/the conscious casualty
  • The unconscious casualty
  • Cardiac arrest (including CPR & AED)
  • Suspected heart attack
  • Choking
  • Serious bleeding

The course is delivered as a mixture of practical and theory. At the end of the training, providing you complete the course, you will be presented with a certificate. You must book a place to attend. If you wish to book a place or have any queries talk to us via our contact page.

NOTE: AED practical is NOT part of the Heartstart course as set out by the British Heart Foundation, it is offered as an addition by us, independent of the British Heart Foundation. This requires additional insurance and guidance.

Call Push Rescue

The team, working with the British Heart Foundation, have been given permission to teach the Call Push Rescue course. This course teaches CPR, AEDs and recovery postilion. It is designed to be taught via a DVD and used by anyone with or without prior experience. The Heartstart Thatcham team are all experienced and thus able to deliver this to a high standard. See below for an overview.