Next generation trained

Heartstart Thatcham has teamed up with Thatcham Park School and on 2nd July trained a number of year 5 pupils the full range of Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills.  The course showed use of the recovery position, what a heart attack is, as well as CPR. Perhaps the most interest and fascination was in the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Nick said "we would like to see these skills as compulsory in all schools. Being able to be taught in as little as 3 hours is nothing considering they might one day save a life."

Head teacher, Alison Webster, said "Thatcham Park School family, (pupils, staff and PTA), are delighted to have been able to embrace this potentially life saving strategy; we'd like to express our gratitude to Heartstart in supporting us on this journey."

The pupils jumped at the chance to see CPR and the AED showing no fear.  All the pupils excelled at the skills and asked very sensible questions, some clearly have a first aid or other medical future ahead of them.

Scheme coordinator Nick Young said "seeing young people learning the skills and being so enthusiastic about without any hesitation is very rewarding. They left school that day and were able to say to their parents we learned how to save a life!"

Heartstart Thatcham has worked, and continues to do so, with many schools and organisations and despite the name they to do throughout much of West Berkshire. The course is not a full blown first aid course, is not in competition with anyone else, is free, and aims to give the skills needed to cope until an ambulance arrives, skills that can and do save lives.