Two shocking years

The Heartstart Thatcham team celebrate this month two years of placing defibrillators in the community. Some of team were invited to consult with Thatcham Town Council in 2014. The heartstart team took the project on with the goal of placing four public access defibrillators within Thatcham within the following year. With the aid of local organasations and bodies such as the Neighbourhood Wardens, Thatcham Town Council and Greenham Common Trust the scheme not only succeeded but went beyond that goal. The first unit was installed at Henwick Worthy Sports Ground in October 2014 with training and promotional events taking place shortly after.

Now two years on and the team have installed 37 devices throughout West Berkshire and even into Hampshire (find out where here). Scheme co-ordinator Dr Nick Young said "we aimed for four in Thatcham thinking that was ambitious. Within months we had other venues offering places to instal a unit, companies and individuals offering funds and other support. Our training equips people with the skills to make a difference and this extends that to give the tools they need as well." The team are already in discussions for placing additional units within schools and communities in the area including Theale, Newbury, Greenham and Thatcham. The team have no plans to slow down, over 700 trained in three years and 37 defibrillators in two years, imagine what the future holds!