Dingley Defib

Stanford Dingley became home to a public access defibrillator recently and Midgham shortly after. What sets the Stanford Dingley unit apart from others is that it is the first one that the Heartstart Thatcham team have been involved with that has been placed inside a phonebox. The phonebox also houses books for local residents to swap. Whilst providing an excellent home for the defibrillator it makes the unit stand out and easy to locate in an emergency. The Heartstart Thatcham team would like to see at least one defibrillator in each community and every school. Scheme Coordinator, Nick Young, said “defibrillators should be as common as fire extinguishers. When cardiac arrest strikes the sooner CPR is started and a defibrillator is at the scene the better the chance of survival. But also this is something that can happen to anyone, it does not discriminate, and we want to protect the whole community.” The devices at Stanford Dingley is something the whole community has been involved with and additional funding having also come from the Co-op Local Community Fund. Defibrillators are used, in conjunction with CPR, to give someone suffering a cardiac arrest the best possible chance of survival.