School bowled over

Heartstart Thatcham has started the New Year, 2017, by unveiling their latest public access defibrillator at The Willows School.

In 2016 West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club held fundraising events, organised by Angela Blades-Moore, and they kindly donated the money raised to Heartstart Thatcham. Angela Blades-Moore said at the unveiling “West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club   is proud to support Heartstart Thatcham as it is such a worthwhile local charity run entirely by volunteers. We have had a defibrillator inside our Club for a few years now so we are aware of how vital these devices are in an emergency situation. The Club is delighted that its fundraising has enabled Heartstart Thatcham to place an external device next door at the Willows School and thus available to our local community 24/7.”

This, together with a donation made by QLP Ltd, enable the team to purchase another public access defibrillator. The Willows School was approached and rather than have the device inside the building with restricted access the school kindly agreed to allow placement externally. This allows not only the school to benefit but the whole community with a potentially life saving device that is available, via the ambulance service, 24/7.

The Heartstart Thatcham team would like to see at least one defibrillator in each community and every school. Indeed the team are continuing to work with the Willows School.

Anne Gain of West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club also handed over a cheque to the team from a Christmas fundraiser.  Anne Gain and Maria Bastin raised funds by organising a Christmas Draw at the Club so thanks to all those local businesses and organisations who donated prizes.

The Heartstart Thatcham team have worked to educate members of West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club  and have provided several training sessions with more to come later this year.  Scheme Coordinator, Dr Nick Young, said “The more we can educate the better those chances become as when cardiac arrest strikes the sooner CPR is started and a defibrillator is on the scene the better the chance of survival.”

The main photograph shows (left to right) Mike Steer (Head Of School, The Willows), Dr Nick Young (Heartstart Thatcham), Anne Gain (West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club), Angela Blades-Moore (West Berkshire Indoor Bowls Club)