Thank you Cooperative

The Cooperative chose Heartstart Thatcham to be one of the charities it raises funds for in its Local Community Fund. The funding for us has now come to an end, the customers and staff at raised in excess of £5,000 for us (see our project page). So what is the Local Community Fund? This is what the Coop say:

Every time our members buy Co-op branded products and services, from buying a loaf of bread to planning a funeral, 1% of their spend goes to a local cause.

Find out more at the Coop website. We have visited several stores to tell staff and customers what we do with many choosing to sign up and come and learn skills that can and do save lives with us, for FREE.

So what will we do with the funds raised? Simple, we are going to place more defibrillators into the community, Thatcham, Newbury and the surrounding area. Locations are being discussed at present and updates will be placed on our news pages. A defibrillator is a simple and easy to use device designed to be used by the bystander on someone who is in cardiac arrest. The devices are designed to be used by anyone and thus require no training. The device, once turned on, will tell you by voice prompts, and in some cases a display, what to do and where to place any pads on the casualty. Once the pads are in place it will measure the electrical output of the heart. If a shock is required it will then ask you to press a button to shock the casualty. Find out more about defibrillators here.