24th March 2015
The announcement in the budget that “The government will provide £1 million in 2015-16 to the Department of Health to incentivise the purchase of defibrillators for use in public places, and provide training on how to use the equipment.” is fantastic news and a good step forward. It will save lives. However if a defibrillator and cabinet cost £2000 then that would only cover 500 devices.
25th February 2015
The Heartstart Thatcham Defibrillator team installed their fourth Public Access Defibrillator recently at Holybrook.  The device has been installed as a result of a partnership between Heartstart Thatcham, West Berkshire Council, West berkshire Neighbourhood Wardens and Holybrook Parsih Council. The defibrillator and has been placed on the side of Parish Office and is available 24/7.  The code to access it will be given out by South Central Ambulance Service when necessary. 
25th February 2015
The Heartstart Thatcham Defibrillator team unveiled their latest Public Access Defibrillator on Friday 20th February in memory of Kenneth Rutt.  The defibrillator team, which includes Nick Young (Heartstart Thatcham scheme Coordinator), John Smart (Thatcham Rotary Club), Mel Alexander (Thatcham Town Council), Caroline Booth (West Berkshire Council) and Naomi Mildenhall (Thatcham Neighbourhood Wardens) have already deployed defibrillators at Henwick Worth Sports Field and Kennet Shoping Centre.
2nd February 2015
Heartstart Thatcham, who teach Emergency Life Support skills for free,  were present in the Kennet Centre on 31st Jan 2015 to mark the installation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at the venue. A cardiac arrest is where the heart is no longer pumping blood around the body and is usually in the form of Ventricular Fibrilation. It is vital CPR is started as soon as possible but to give the best possible chance of survival an AED is used with CPR. An AED will shock the heart but will only do so if required, it cannot be applied if no shock is needed.
23rd December 2014
Christmas time again and the New Year will soon be here. We thought this would be an appropriate time to have a review not only of the last year but what we have achieved sine we started. Starting simple, here are a few facts about us: