16th June 2018
Two of the Heartstart Thatcham team made a presentation about the importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at the Hermitage Annual Meeting in 2017. Since then the community and Heartstart Thatcham team have been busy raising funds. The pupils at the local primary school raised an astonishing amount together with a local benefactor this has allowed two AEDs to be placed in the village, one at the school and the other at the White Horse and both units are available 24/7.
15th May 2018
One of our supporters, Lorraine Broadhurst, recently completed a 45km walk in order to raise funds for us and another charity. The walk encountered a number of weather conditions including rain and sun, as well as a variety of terrains. Lorraine chose us as one of her charities as people close to her have been affected by heart conditions.
12th March 2018
With 53 defibrillators now placed by the Heartstart Thatcham team and many more to come we continue to hear things being said about Automated External Defibrillators (AED) that are simply wrong. So this post should clarify some of the issues. Briefly, if someone has a cardiac arrest you need to (1) get help, (2) start CPR and (3) get an AED. Time is critical here, the faster you act the better their chance of survival. Disclaimer: we are not medical experts if you are in need of assistance please seek professional medical advice.
11th December 2017
The West Berkshire Community Champions 2017 were awarded at a special presentation on 7th December 2017. The evening started with Councillor Quentin Webb, Chairman of West Berkshire Council who said:
8th December 2017
A defibrillator has been installed in Victoria Park, Newbury, at the newly refurbished tennis courts entrance and was officially unveiled by the Mayor of Newbury, Cllr David Fenn at 11am on Friday 8 December. This is the Heartstart Thatcham team’s 51st defibrillator. The ‘Public Access’ defibrillator will be available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.