18th October 2017
18th September 2017
The Heartstart Thatcham team joined the Burdwood Surgery on 16th September 2017 to mark their 30th anniversary. There were a number of events taking place within the surgery with members of the public dropping by to find out more about the surgery, meet staff and some of the organisations that work in the community.
17th September 2017
Whilst many have been enjoying their summer, away on holidays and so forth the Heartstart Thatcham team have been busy supplying and organising placement of defibrillators. The team have worked with local residents and councils to place units in Padworth, Stanford Dingley and Midgham. Stanford Dingley residents had theirs placed in a phonebox which also houses books for local residents to swap and the first one of our units to be placed in a phone box.
17th August 2017
Heartstart Thatcham have been able to unveil another public access defibrillator, this time working with Thatcham Town Council to achieve this. The defibrillator is the 49th unit installed by the charity with other units placed throughout West Berkshire and beyond. The Heartstart Thatcham team would like to see at least one defibrillator in each community and every school. Scheme coordinator Dr Nick Young said "Thatcham has two public access units in the town centre and would like to see more. The easier and faster units can be accessed the more lives can be saved.
19th July 2017
We are often asked how you can keep your skills fresh. Well there are a number of ways. Firstly you are welcome to attend our course(s) as many times as you like and we do have some that come once a year just to keep their skills fresh. But if you cannot do that, or indeed as well as doing that, there are a number of resources that you can use as listed below: