24th August 2016
Earlier in the year the Heartstart Thatcham team received a call from Mary Macaulay from the Bell Inn at Aldworth regarding placing a defibrillator and thus a partnership to get a device there was formed.  Mary mentioned the idea of a defibrillator to staff and patrons  highlighting the difference a device can make compared to just CPR alone.
20th July 2016
Heartstart Thatcham have been delivering Emergency Life Support training and just CPR and Defibrillator sessions for a number of years (see milestones for full details). We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to deliver the Heartstart scheme and working with them we have been given permission to also deliver their Call Push Rescue scheme. The scheme is designed to be taught, with the use of a DVD and special equipment, and can be done so by anyone.
4th July 2016
Heartstart Thatcham has been placing potentially life saving equipment, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the community and with the aid of two schools, Kennet School and Brimpton Church of England Primary School, they have placed another.
22nd June 2016
There are several news items to come soon, one BIG one. But before we get there we thought it would be nice to review what we have accomplished so far. We have campaigned for Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills to be taught in schools, or at the very least CPR and defibrillator awareness.  We have given numerous talks to groups on what we do and specifically what all the fuss with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is.
7th June 2016
Heartstart Thatcham celebrated training 200 people in 2015, as of May 2016 the team surpassed 600.  The team trained members of the public in January at events at Parkway Shopping in Newbury, West Berkshire Indoor Bowls at Greenham and Loddon Vale Bowls in Basingstoke as well as other events in Calcot, Theale and Bucklebury.